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Beauty in Mathematical Proof

Burkard Polster

Bloomsbury USA

Q.E.D. Download image

ISBN10: 0802714315
ISBN13: 9780802714312


64 Pages



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Q.E.D. presents some of the most famous mathematical proofs in a charming book that will appeal to nonmathematicians and math experts alike. Grasp in an instant why Pythagoras's theorem must be correct. Follow the ancient Chinese proof of the volume formula for the formulas of pyramids and learn Archimedes' method for finding the volume of a sphere. Discover the secrets of pi and why squaring the circle really is possible. Study the subtle art of mathematical domino tumbling, and find out how slicing cones helped save a city and put a man on the moon. Q.E.D. takes readers deep into mathematical thought by examining why well-known theorems and formulas are true and presenting them in a visually exciting form.

About the author

Burkard Polster

Burkard Polster is a mathematician at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. His previous books include The Mathematics of Juggling and The Geometrical Picture Book.