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Making Documentary Films and Videos

A Practical Guide to Planning, Filming, and Editing Documentaries

Barry Hampe

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ISBN10: 080508181X
ISBN13: 9780805081817

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464 Pages



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Covering all the steps from concept to completion, Hampe's guidebook has given students of film around the world the knowledge and confidence to produce their first documentary film. It traces two main approaches—recording behavior and re-creating past events—and shows students how to be successful at each. Now in a second edition, Hampe includes up-to-date information on several topics, such as a discussion on truth, "reality," and honesty in the filmmaking environment; new advice on how to get started in documentary filmmaking; an expanded section on researching and writing a proposal; and an exhaustive list of resources. In one complete volume, Hampe, who has made more than two hundred documentary films and information videos as director, scriptwriter, or both, offers students the necessary tools to confidently make documentary films and videos.


Praise for Making Documentary Films and Videos

"Clear, informative, and a valuable resource that combines professional expertise with personal experience."—Betsy McLane, Ph.D., Executive Director, International Documentary Association

"A thoroughly researched and informative guide for new documentary makers."—Pat Mitchell, President, Turner Original Productions

"A road map for all those wanting to make a documentary. Such a book has been needed for so long . . . There is information here that cannot be found anywhere else—particularly the section on visual evidence."—Jeannette Paulson, Creative Director, Hawaii International Film Festival

"This is one of the stronger documentary texts I've ever read (and I've read them all). Well constructed and easy to follow, while providing strong information. I look forward to using it in my Field Documentary class."—Frank Barnas, Director of Student Productions, Greenspun School of Communication, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Hampe's narrative style is clear and concise with just the right amount of humor. While acknowledging the importance of technical expertise, he focuses on those aspects of filmmaking craft that create compelling stories. Careful reading by first-time filmmakers will allow them to avoid pitfalls many of us have made. Investing a few hours of time will pay many dividends to Mr. Hampe's readers."—Clark Bunting, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Animal Planet, Discovery Networks

"Fascinating and very thorough—covers everything one needs to know to make a documentary."—Linda Seger, author of Creating Unforgetable Characters

"Barry Hampe has written the definitive guide-map through the documentary production 'minefield.' His step-by-step simplicity makes the book must-reading for not only novice practitioners but for reality storytellers of every experience level."—Stanley H. Moger, President, SFM Entertainment

"Comprehensive and well-written introduction for aspiring filmmakers. Every aspect of production is covered, from conceptualizing an idea to seeking distributors for the final product. Technical aspects of video and film equipment are touched upon, but are not covered to such a degree that they become laborious. For instance, the subject of lighting, which could easily be a book unto itself, is addressed in a few pages. A filmography of classic documentaries and an appendix describing how to join the International Documentary Association are included. An invaluable tool for future producers and an excellent title to supplement videography and film-production classes."—John Kiefman, Fairfax County Public Library, Virginia, School Library Journal

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About the author

Barry Hampe

Barry Hampe has made more than two hundred documentary films and information videos as director or scriptwriter or both.

Barry Hampe

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