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Sitting Bull

The Life and Times of an American Patriot

Robert M. Utley

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ISBN10: 080508830X
ISBN13: 9780805088304

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464 Pages



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Distinguished historian Robert M. Utley has forged a compelling portrait of Sitting Bull, presenting the Lakota perspective for the first time and rendering the most unbiased, historically accurate, and vivid portrait of the man to date. Reviled by the United States government as a troublemaker and a coward, revered by his people as a great warrior chief, Sitting Bull has long been one of the most fascinating and misunderstood figures in American history.

The Sitting Bull who emerges in this fast-paced narrative is a complex, towering figure: a great warrior whose skill and bravery in battle were unparalleled; the spiritual leader of his people; a dignified but ultimately tragically stubborn defender of the traditional ways against the steadfast and unwelcome encroachment of the white man.


Praise for Sitting Bull

"A remarkable work of scholarship . . . Utley depicts Sitting Bull in wide, bold and colorful strokes."—The Wall Street Journal

"His narrative is gripping . . . Utley transforms Sitting Bull, the abstract, romanticized icon and symbol, into a flesh-and-blood person with a down-to-earth story . . . [This book] clears the screen of the exaggerations and fantasies long directed at the name of Sitting Bull."—The New York Times Book Review

"The need for a solid narrative life of Sitting Bull has long been evident, and Robert Utley is eminently qualified for the task . . . Thanks to this engrossing biography, Sitting Bull's voice can at last proclaim his authentic message."—The Boston Globe

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About the author

Robert M. Utley

Robert M. Utley, a former chief historian of the National Park Service, specializes in the history of the American West and is the author of many distinguished works of history and biography. He lives in Georgetown, Texas.

Robert M. Utley

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