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Elizabeth Warren

Metropolitan Books

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ISBN10: 1250799244
ISBN13: 9781250799241


320 Pages



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Elizabeth Warren is a beacon for everyone who believes that real change can improve the lives of all Americans. Committed, fearless, and famously persistent, she brings her best game to every battle she wages.

In Persist, Warren writes about six perspectives that have influenced her life and advocacy. She’s a mother who learned from wrenching personal experience why child care is so essential. She’s a teacher who has known since grade school the value of a good and affordable education. She’s a planner who understands that every complex problem requires a comprehensive response. She’s a fighter who discovered the hard way that nobody gives up power willingly. She’s a learner who thinks, listens, and works to fight racism in America. And she’s a woman who has proven over and over that women are just as capable as men.

Candid and compelling, Persist is both a deeply personal book and a powerful call to action. Elizabeth Warren—one of our nation’s most visionary leaders—will inspire everyone to believe that if we’re willing to fight for it, profound change is well within our reach.


Praise for Persist

"Warren’s common-sensical proposals on housing, infrastructure development, and civil rights merit attention, and her book makes for a sometimes-funny, sometimes-sharp-tongued pleasure. A lively and thoughtful memoir that, one hopes, will inspire readers to pursue activism in every realm of society."Kirkus Reviews

"Warren is a warrior for the common person and cites what she calls her 'unflinching determination' to remind readers that her aspirational speeches weren’t just campaign rhetoric; she intends to, yes, persist. That rare politician who can craft public policy from a personal viewpoint, whether informed by her own experiences or by empathetic responses to stories shared by constituents, Warren ardently delineates the practical applications behind her innovative solutions . . . Her passion for these positions leaps off the page, her conviction a fervent reminder of all that can yet be accomplished . . . This is Warren in depth, up close, and very personal, and a must-read for supporters and everyone interested in humane and just political action."Booklist (starred review)

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A Mother

I first walked into a classroom as a bona fide teacher in September 1970, and by January or so, I was settling in. The butterflies I’d felt in the first few weeks were gone. I’d figured out lesson plans. Figured...

About the author

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren, the widely admired former presidential candidate, is the senior senator from Massachusetts. She is the author of eleven previous books, including A Fighting Chance and This Fight Is Our Fight, both of which were national bestsellers. The mother of two and grandmother of three, she lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her husband, Bruce Mann, and their beloved dog, Bailey.

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