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Why Everyone Is Shouting and No One Is Talking

Ashley 'Dotty' Charles

Bloomsbury Publishing

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ISBN10: 1635575001
ISBN13: 9781635575002


176 Pages



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We're living in a post-modern utopia of sorts, where thanks to our resolute predecessors, we've checked a bunch of items off our outrage shopping list. Slavery? Abolished. Apartheid? Not anymore buddy. Women's suffrage? Nailed it. But what do you do when you keep winning your battles? Well, you pick new ones, of course.

Ours is a society where many get by on provocation, the tactless but effective tool of peddling outrage—and we all too quickly take the bait. If outrage has become abundant, activism has definitely become subdued. Are we so exhausted from our hashtags that we simply don't have the energy to be outraged in the real world? Or are we simply pretending to be bothered?

There is still much to be outraged by in our final frontier—the gender pay gap, racial bias, gun control—but in order to enact change, we must learn to channel our responses. Passionate, funny and unrelentingly wise, this is the essential guide to living through the age of outrage.


Praise for Outraged

“Funny, nuanced and wonderful.”—Jon Ronson, bestselling author of So You've Been Publicly Shamed and The Psychopath Test

Outraged is as hilarious as it is smart, and as insightful as it is provocative. A book that had me hollering, nodding and questioning at the same time.”—Candice Carty-Williams, author of Queenie

“[Charles] effectively shows how mass outrage allows people to feel better about themselves without doing the hard work that true change requires.”Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Ashley 'Dotty' Charles

Ashley “Dotty” Charles is a broadcaster and writer from South London. After joining the BBC in 2014 she became the first solo female to host the BBC Radio 1Xtra Breakfast Show in 2016, where she has since interviewed everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Will Smith. She has presented TV programs including BBC One's music show, Sounds Like Friday Night, and BBC Three's Story of Grime documentary series. She is also the host of the official Netflix podcast series What to Watch on Netflix. She lives with her wife and son in London.