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Knee Surgery

The Essential Guide to Total Knee Recovery

Daniel Fulham O'Neill, M.D., Ed.D.

St. Martin's Griffin

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ISBN10: 0312362935
ISBN13: 9780312362935

Trade Paperback

240 Pages



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Millions of people have knee surgery each year, and in the years to come millions more will head to the O.R. Chances are, you or someone you know has had or will undergo knee surgery. Busy doctors, therapists, and athletic trainers have limited time to spend on quality physical and mental rehabilitation education, yet this is the key to full recovery.

Written by knee surgeon and Sport Psychologist Daniel F. O'Neill, M.D., Ed.D., this comprehensive and accessible guide presents what you'll want and need the most after knee surgery: a scientifically-based recovery program you can understand that will get you back to work and sports as quickly as possible.

In this age of same-day surgery and do-it-yourself health, Knee Surgery presents an easy-to-do, well-illustrated program of movement for knee rehabilitation—with a special focus on the mind/body connection—and describes the physical and mental rehabilitation process in complete detail, providing all the guidance you need to decrease pain and increase fitness after knee surgery.


Praise for Knee Surgery

"O'Neill, a well-respected knee surgeon and sports psychologist who has been practicing for over 20 years, here covers different types of knee surgery, from arthroscopy to total knee replacement (TKR). His recovery program is a three-prong approach: exercise, movement patterns/sport, and aerobic training. All three prongs have levels A, B, and C of exercises, and readers must judge when they are ready to progress up a level; there is no set schedule. The prongs and levels are illustrated with clear photographs and descriptions of workout movements. This is a patient-centered approach, and O'Neill is passionate about how much the patient has to contribute to the preparation for and rehabilitation from knee surgery. Some notable sections specifically cover the mind-body connection, e.g., facing and coping with negative self-talk. O'Neill writes in a style welcoming and accessible to laypeople. His down-to-earth tone, optimistic outlook, and expert advice make this like a 'portable knee doctor,' as he intends."—Elizabeth J. Eastwood, Library Journal

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Knee Surgery

The Anatomy and Pathology You Need to Know Before Starting Your Journey
WHETHER WE ARE making our way...

About the author

Daniel Fulham O'Neill, M.D., Ed.D.

Daniel Fulham O'Neill, M.D., Ed.D. is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and holds a doctorate in Sport Psychology from Boston University. He is director of The Alpine Clinic, his private practice in New Hampshire, and for nearly twenty years has been the associate physician for the U.S. Ski Team. Dr. O'Neill serves as team physician for Burke Mountain Ski Academy in Vermont and is the founder of Coaching Mental Excellence, an organization that helps athletes deal with their injuries and the recovery and rehabilitation processes.

His books include Knee Surgery: The Essential Guide to Total Knee Recovery and Survival of the Fit: How Physical Education Ensures Academic Achievement and a Healthy Life.

Daniel Fulham O'Neill