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The Listening Path

The Creative Art of Attention (A 6-Week Artist's Way Program)

Julia Cameron

St. Martin's Essentials

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ISBN10: 1250768586
ISBN13: 9781250768582

Trade Paperback

208 Pages



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The newest book from beloved author Julia Cameron, The Listening Path is a transformational journey to deeper, more profound listening and creativity. Over six weeks, readers will be given the tools to become better listeners—to their environment, the people around them, and themselves. The reward for learning to truly listen is immense. As we learn to listen, our attention is heightened and we gain healing, insight, clarity. But above all, listening creates connections and ignites a creativity that will resonate through every aspect of our lives.

Julia Cameron is the author of the explosively successful book The Artist’s Way, which has transformed the creative lives of millions of readers since it was first published. Incorporating tools from The Artist’s Way, The Listening Path offers a new method of creative and personal transformation.

Each week, readers will be challenged to expand their ability to listen in a new way, beginning by listening to their environment and culminating in learning to listen to silence. These weekly practices open up a new world of connection and fulfillment. In a culture of bustle and constant sound, The Listening Path is a deeply necessary reminder of the power of truly hearing.


Praise for The Listening Path

"Designed for a world in which attention is our collective deficiency, The Listening Path focuses on tuning out cluttering noise and redirecting attention constructively to release creative blocks . . . If this all sounds too woo-woo for you . . . then you probably need it."BookPage

“Julia Cameron brought a new approach to creativity to the world with her extraordinary book, The Artist’s Way. Now, in The Listening Path, she takes us into a completely different dimension of creativity: the ability to listen at deeper and deeper levels. As a lifelong student of the art of listening, I can tell you there is nothing quite like this book. I encourage you to read The Listening Path and make use of its life changing gifts."—Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. New York Times bestselling author of The Big Leap and Conscious Luck

“Julia Cameron has done it again. In The Listening Path, she gently guides us to become more in tune with ourselves, our world, each other, and beyond—bringing more clarity, connection and joy into our lives. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just getting started, The Listening Path will guide you to access the treasure trove of wisdom that lives within, and in the world around you.”—Amber Rae, author of Choose Wonder Over Worry

"Longtime creativity expert Cameron turns to the essential art of listening. Cameron writes beautifully and sincerely . . . A much-needed primer on opening ourselves to listening to others at a time when that is so badly needed."Booklist (starred review)

"Cameron delivers an accessible, insightful addition to her The Artist’s Way workbooks . . . Cameron’s fans will love this straightforward program."Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Julia Cameron

Hailed by the New York Times as “The Queen of Change,” JULIA CAMERON is credited with starting a movement in 1992 that has brought creativity into the mainstream conversation—in the arts, in business, and in everyday life. She is the best-selling author of more than forty books, fiction and nonfiction; a poet, songwriter, filmmaker and playwright. Commonly referred to as “The Godmother” or “High Priestess” of creativity, her tools are based in practice, not theory, and she considers herself “the floor sample of her own toolkit.” The Artist’s Way has been translated into forty languages and sold over five million copies to date.

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Julia Cameron

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