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The Fall

The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty

Michael Wolff

Henry Holt and Co.

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ISBN10: 1250879272
ISBN13: 9781250879271


320 Pages



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Meet the Murdochs and the disastrously dysfunctional family of Fox News. Until recently, they formed the most powerful media and political force in the land, for better or worse. Now their empire is cracking up and crashing down.

For almost three decades, Fox News has not only made political careers (see: President Donald J. Trump) but also fundamentally altered the political landscape of the United States. It is a truism: as Fox goes, so goes the nation—into further divisiveness and awash in fake news, a gleefully polarizing company. But just as Fox has pushed America apart, now it too is coming apart. As is the family dynasty behind it.

In his irresistible trilogy on the chaotic presidency of Donald Trump—Fire and Fury, Siege, and Landslide—the gadfly journalist Michael Wolff led readers deep into the twisted corridors of the White House. Now, drawing on years of unprecedented access to the Murdoch family and key players in the world of Fox, he plunges us behind the scenes of another empire of influence, and the result is astonishing and unforgettable.

Here is Rupert Murdoch, the ninety-two-year-old Australian billionaire—a fading titan, concerned about his legacy but more concerned about profits. Here are his contentious progeny, jockeying to take over when the old man is gone. Here is star anchor Tucker Carlson, hiding out in his island homes, considering a run for the presidency while his bosses have other plans for him. Sean Hannity, the richest man in television, has his own plans: to put the former POTUS back in office, against the bosses’ wishes. Meanwhile, Laura Ingraham is just trying to survive in the last man’s man’s world.

Empires fall. Kingdoms come to an end. As lawsuits pummel the financial bedrock and reputation of the network, anchors scramble, and the battling Murdoch heirs make the Roys of TV’s Succession seem downright Brady Bunch, Michael Wolff documents, in riveting and revelatory real time, the final days of Fox News.


Praise for The Fall

"Amusingly vicious and very well-timed . . . In Wolff’s telling, Murdoch is a sort of hapless Frankenstein, abominating the monster he set loose on the world but unsure how to fight him."—Michelle Goldberg, The New York Times

"A dishey look at the decline of Fox News. Wolff offers his typically no-holds-barred look at the powerful personalities at the top of the network . . . He harbors no qualms about consorting with some of America’s worst people—nor about burning them blithely in service of his narrative . . . Fox’s marquee talents are not spared Wolff’s gimlet eye . . . He offers countless lacerating portraits."The Washington Post

"Wolff, author of a spate of books skewering the dysfunctional Trump presidency, returns to his investigation of the Murdochs with a fast-paced, gossip-filled recounting of family drama—rivaling Succession in intrigue and bitter strife—and the travails and scandals that have roiled Fox News. . . . Wolff is merciless."Kirkus Reviews

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Rupert Murdoch often picks up his conversation in the middle of his thinking, as though the conversation began somewhere else. The line between what he is thinking and saying is a fine one. A thinking...

About the author

Michael Wolff

Michael Wolff is the author of the bestselling, authoritative trilogy about the Trump White House: Fire and Fury, Siege, and Landslide. His other books include the seminal biography of Rupert Murdoch, The Man Who Owns the News. A two-time winner of the National Magazine Awards, he has been a columnist for New York magazine, Vanity Fair, British GQ, the Hollywood Reporter, and the Guardian. He lives in New York City with his family.

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