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Sports Geek

A Visual Tour of Myths, Debates, and Data

Rob Minto

Bloomsbury USA

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ISBN10: 1632866463
ISBN13: 9781632866462


192 Pages



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Sports Geek offers a tour through sports debates and ideas that is both narrative and numerical, the two things sports revolve around. Teams in all sports use data to create extraordinary analyses of how their players perform, to assess tactics and to get an edge over arch rivals, but fans of a sport are rarely presented with challenging and informative data that would help them to further understand it.

In Sports Geek, Rob Minto brings together an encyclopedic knowledge and love of sports, a rigorous understanding of statistics, and access to cutting edge quantitative analysis and difficult-to-uncover data. He is also a storyteller. Though written with an expert's knowledge, it is packed with captivating anecdotes which show why the numbers are so important.

Covering almost every imaginable sport, Sports Geek has international appeal; it embraces our global enthusiasm for competitive sports.


Praise for Sports Geek

"Have you ever wondered why the quality of snooker is so much better now than it was in its Eighties heyday? Or who is, statistically, the greatest ever pound-for-pound boxer? Of course you have. This compilation of sport stats and data has all the answers and much, much more."—British GQ
"For an alternative explanation of the special appeal of sport try Sports Geek by Rob Minto which in words, statistics, and pictures explains what it is about sport that will provoke endless arguments in the coming year."—Philosophy Football

"This revealing read raises a lot of key points to consider in the world of sport."How It Works

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About the author

Rob Minto

Rob Minto worked as a journalist for the Financial Times for 10 years. In 2006 he became the paper's first Interactive Editor. He has also been Technology Correspondent, and most recently Emerging Markets Assistant Editor, as well as writing occasional features and columns.

Rob has been obsessed with sports and statistics for many years. He can also design, write code, and crunch data using strange programs.

He has four children and lives in London.